Since 2006 QOD COSMETIC SOLUTIONS is conquering many customers. Famous in the south of Brazil for coming up with solutions for consecrated cosmetic lines, QOD decided to create its proper line of products. Today there are more than 50 products.


QODSHOP.CO.UK  is QOD´s UK's brand official online store! QOD Treatments are a revolutionary formaldehyde and aldehyde free hair treatment that has captured the attention of beauty professionals and their clients all over the world. Formaldehyde is an organic compound with the formula CH2O. The exposure to formaldehyde is a significant consideration for human health. It readily penetrates the skin and can cause serious long term health concerns, and often sensitizes individuals to other chemicals. It may cause allergic reactions, headaches and chronic fatigue. Unlike formaldehyde-based treatments, QOD products do not contain industrially manufactured raw formaldehyde. Instead, we have invested many years researching a way to imitate the effects of formaldehyde. QOD's formulas are accepted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). QOD formulas were one of the first most advanced technologies created in the cosmetology world. Fast treatments and immediate results make the brand to be an excellent purchase. 


QOD GOLD was the latest break-through innovation in keratin formulas, the highest quality product available today. QOD GOLD uses nano-particles of 24-karat producing a lasting level of conditioning and shine that no other product can match. QOD MAX is our original formulation, and is still the most popular international brand. A decade of advanced scientific research, international testing, and very strict quality control has resulted in a product that is truly superior and consistent. It is based on organic Cocoa, and features the rich conditioning and volume-reduction that QOD products are famous for. QOD RED shares its formulation and results with QOD MAX, but its essence is Strawberry.


QOD OrganiQ is the new exclusive ingredient of QOD COSMETIC. It is composed by amino acids, proteins and oils of Amazon seeds. This composition undergoes a reduction through nano-technology transforming larger spheres into microspheres ensuring unique penetration. Natural, effective and long-lasting actions are guaranteed. With OrganiQ you obtain reduced volume, frizz reduction, natural looking hair, gloss and movement. QOD provides a treatment never seen before. The application process takes approximately 2 hours and the treatment lasts from 3 to 5 months.


QOD COSMETIC SOLUTIONS is present all over the world and only available in the UK through this website.



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