Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners Standard Plate

Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners Standard Plate

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Cloud Nine Standard Plate Straighteners

• Cloud Nine Standard Plate Straighteners
• Fully insured and tracked delivery.

Box Contents:
• 1 x Cloud Nine Iron
• 1 x Heat Guard
• 1 x Styling Tips, Iron Safety Instructions and Manufactures Guarantee booklet

The Cloud Nine Iron is an innovation in hair styling in its own right. For years the market has been saturated with the same old hair tongs, until now....from the original designers and manufacturers of the ghd, Cloud Nine has emerged. This fantastic new styler hasn't simply moved with the times, its overtaken the times with its innovative technology, an iron so clever that it offers flexibility for undamaged, versatile hair styles.

Developed by the founders of ghd*, considerable expertise has been poured into creating revolutionary new technology that without the need for searing heat.
Less Heat, More Style
Our temperature control panel allows you to vary the heat to create the look you want, at a temperature that is right for your hair.

The unique features of The Cloud Nine Iron at a glance:

Temperature Control Panel - With multiple heat settings, you can learn to create styles with your irons at lower temperatures. An LED panel shows which setting you're on.
Black Ceramic Plates - The special and mysterious ingredient gives your hair added shine and sparkle.
Swivel Cord - For versatility, meaning no more getting the cord tangled.
Heat Guard - As soon as you're finished using your irons, you can clasp them back together, slip on the protective heat guard and allow them to cool down knowing that you've safely left them resting.
Hibernation Mode - Automatically kicks in when the irons have been switched on, but not used for 30 minutes. When in this mode they'll cool down to 'box temperature'.
Dual Adapter - The iron is supplied with a standard two-pin Euro plug, but has been fitted with a UK three-pin adapter. Should you wish to use the two-pin euro plug, simply remove the screw that's positioned between the 3 pins.
RF-ID Chip - Makes your iron one of a kind and protects you from accidentally buying fakes.


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